Biden Looking for an “Out” for Putin — Ideas

(Reuters, 5/9/22) Biden says he is worried Putin does not have a way out of Ukraine war. Quoting,

Biden said Putin is a very calculating man and the problem he worries about now is that the Russian leader “doesn’t have a way out right now, and I’m trying to figure out what we do about that.”

Emotionally, I wouldn’t give those Russki bastard monsters anything. At the same time, I tend to think, that by an unproveable counterfactual history, we had a part in creating the monster.  See (2014) Ukraine prediction; an Austrian solution. and (2022) Ukraine; Let’s Make a Deal; Suggestion to Vladimir Putin.

Neutrality is no longer negotiable; Russia is simply too dangerous. We still have to deal with the monster. Joe Biden’s political career has prepared him for this kind of engagement.

I have some ideas. Negotiating positions should not be publicly disclosed, so I will wait a few days before making them public.

Interested parties can contact me in the meantime.