(CNN) Tucker Carlson out at Fox News

(CNN) Tucker Carlson out at Fox News.

This is a great day for American democracy, anticipated more than a year ago in (CNN) ‘Something has changed’: Stelter on Trump and Fox relationship.

This outcome may be viewed as a cynical measure to reduce future liability. But morally average people purchase only as much morality as they can easily afford.

“Red Rupert”, who at Cambridge kept a bust of Lenin in his room, may have found his affordable epiphany.

Multiple factors  augur a 2024 win for Dems:

When Cardinal Richelieu died in 1642, a contemporary observed,

“If there is no Hell, he has lived a very good life.”



(CNN) Leaked Pentagon documents provide rare window into depth of US intelligence on allies and foes

(CNN) Leaked Pentagon documents provide rare window into depth of US intelligence on allies and foes.

This blog relies on open source. In this case, it is supplemented by private observations. Since the last administration, I have hypothesized, with low confidence, of a possible mole. The mole would have these characteristics:

  • Free agent, unbound to a particular adversary. Supplies both Russia and China.
  • Understands distribution lists very well; sources only information that obfuscates the source.
  • Amoral, without  ideological rancor.
  • Motivation entirely financial.
  • Completely unafraid of discovery.
  • Clients have no obligation to protect this source.
  • May have the ability to falsify the record of access.



Killing of Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin)

Was this an act of domestic resistance, or Ukrainian?  Opinions vary. There isn’t enough evidence to distinguish, while Russian propagandists spin fictions to serve the state.

One constant should be considered in every argument.  In 2015, several rebel commanders were  likely assassinated by the Kremlin. See Rebel Commander Aleksey Mozgovoy Killed in East Ukraine, Frozen Conflict?

This option is no longer directly available. If the Kremlin desired to use the state security apparatus to neutralize a Tatarsky, Dugin, Girkin, or Prigozhin, they couldn’t do it:

  • A substantial minority, the ultra nationalists, would attempt to violently overthrow Putin.
  • The security apparatus is riven. An order might be  leaked, sabotaged, or never executed.
  • A program to defang ultra nationalists must not be attributable to the broader Kremlin.

Implication. If the Kremlin eliminated Tatarsky, proxies were employed. With traditional Russian skills of subversion and infiltration, proxies could even be obtained from anti-war groups. The Russian political cycle up to  1953  has numerous examples of the use of one faction or creche used to destroy another, followed by its own destruction.

The prototype is the killing of Sergey Kirov, discussed  in Juan Guaido Watch Your Back; Trump says ‘Russia has to get out’ of Venezuela Part 2.

Coincidentally, Kirov was killed in Saint Petersburg.