The 6/27/2024 Presidential Debate; Allow Notes

Neither participant did very well. There was a lack of substance, as both candidates were forced to rely on memory to an extent that would stress even a professional media presenter.

While debating skills are often associated with general intelligence, emphasis on style over substance voids this. Style can come from acting a script. Substance lacks theatricality;  presentation of substance can be almost perfectly flat unless you’re trying to connect. Politics demands theatricality; there is eternal tension between fact and emotion.

The participants are entitled to sell substance with moderate theatricality.  More is deceptive, dragging the appeal for votes where it should not go.

For the next debate, the debate organizers should consider allowing notes, aligning the skills of debate with the actual work environment. Upping the level of substance, informing the electorate,  is paramount. Theatricality, the appeal to emotion, can come along for the ride.