(CNN) China’s newest aircraft carrier heads to sea for first time; Sloppy Journalism

(CNN) China’s newest aircraft carrier heads to sea for first time.


 As for the US Navy’s size advantage over the Fujian, the Ford displaces 100,000 tons and the 10 Nimitz-class ships 87,000 metric tons.

This is incorrect. Ford and Nimitz are within 3000 tons of each other.  The writer may have conflated different load conditions, metric and English ton units, or both.


With a displacement of 80,000 metric tons, the Fujian dwarfs the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s (PLAN) two active carriers, the 66,000-ton Shandong and the 60,000-ton Liaoning.

“Dwarf” is not appropriate. “Incremental” is.

Really interesting questions, such as

  • electrical power generation
  • performance of the electromagnetic catapult system
  • modern armor and survivability
  • availability of insensitive munitions, key to survivability
  • quality of the structural steel
  • weapons system integration
  • durability of the propulsion plant

are not addressed. This is sloppy, lazy journalism.