The Ghost of Henry Kissinger Speaks; Ukraine, Israel, Saudi Arabia

Henry Kissinger, so recently deprived of his own voice, speaks to us now through his voluminous writings on realpolitik.

The current issues of U.S. foreign policy are fraught with moral dilemmas  that resist solution or even separation. Realpolitik does not address these dilemmas. It does offer predictions. If the following are not addressed as commitments that must be met,

  • Security guarantees for Saudi Arabia.
  • Arms for Ukraine.
  • Arms for Israel.

.where the list order is deliberately counterintuitive,

  • The dollar will crash.
  • The bond market will tumble.
  • Alternatives to SWIFT will rapidly proliferate.
  • The split off of the Global South will accelerate.
  • Russia/Iran will emerge to rival China as a threat.
  • The world will become more distinctly unpleasant than it is now.

Republicans, remember that Kissinger was a Republican. This is your watch. He speaks loud to you now, through the veil.