Medical Arguments with CIA Bill Burns (Putin) & CNN (NY Polio)

(CNN) The CIA chief says Putin is ‘entirely too healthy.’ What do we really know about his condition? Quoting,

CIA Director Bill Burns gave an unusually candid assessment this week, when he told attendees at the Aspen Institute’s annual security confab that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “entirely too healthy.”

Bill, he’s sick. The main question in my mind is whether he has two distinct diseases, Parkinsons and cancer, or a cancer that produces motor signs due to “mass effect”, the compression of functional nerve tissue by a growing tumor mass. See also Is Putin Seriously Ill?


(CNN) New York adult diagnosed with polio, first US case in nearly a decade. Quoting,

There is no cure for polio. Treatment to address symptoms may include medication to relax muscles and heat and physical therapy to stimulate muscles. However, any paralysis caused by polio is permanent.

This is FALSE. See (Mayo Clinic) Polio. Quoting,

Paralytic polio can lead to temporary or permanent muscle paralysis, disability, bone deformities and death.

See (ECDC) Disease factsheet about poliomyelitis. Quoting,

The paralysis can progress for up to one week. Permanent weakness is observed in two-thirds of patients with paralytic poliomyelitis. After 30 days, most of the reversible damage will have disappeared, and some return of function can still be expected for up to nine months.

The author apparently misunderstood the absence of treatments to reverse paralysis to mean “there is no reversal of paralysis”, which can spontaneously occur.