(CNN)’Sonic attacks’ suffered by US diplomats likely caused by microwave energy, government study says

(CNN)‘Sonic attacks’ suffered by US diplomats likely caused by microwave energy, government study says.

Download the National Academy of Sciences report (pdf) here.

I wrote 16 articles on the attacks, which advance the theory that:

The ultrasound theory was not one of the four mechanisms identified as plausible by the NAS authors:

  • Directed radio frequency energy, that is, microwaves, with basis in the Frey Effect. Frey is still kicking, and thinks it might be correct.
  • Chemicals.
  • Infectious agents.
  • Psychological and social factors.

Since I “invested” in the ultrasound theory, the reader may suspect a bias against the NAS Report. I am not above suspicion. But it should not prevent a critical look at the Report.

Point 1: The Report is skimpy and weak.  Of the 77 pages, only pages 17-20 address microwaves. The bulk of the report is boilerplate, bibliography, and incomplete refutations of the other three mechanisms. The committee biographies actually occupy 8 pages, versus 3 for the microwave theory. This report wants you to accept because of who they are.

Point 2: The copyright is 2020.  Even if the report was completed in 2018, with delayed publication, that allows two years in which no  experimental work was performed.

Point 3: An equally eminent group, JASON, have different conclusions. Quoting from (Reuters) Special Report: Inside a Trump-era purge of military scientists at a legendary think tank,

More recently, the Jasons determined that a rare jungle cricket, not a mysterious radio frequency weapon, likely caused the odd sound that U.S. diplomats in Cuba had suspected caused them to fall ill in late 2016. No definitive cause of the illnesses has been determined.

Point 4: Kenneth R. Foster and I share a concern about a missing tell-tale of destructive microwave intensity, heat. (WAPO) Scientists and doctors zap theory that microwave weapon injured Cuba diplomats. Quoting,

It’s crazy,” said Kenneth R. Foster, a professor of bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania who studied microwave phenomena while working at the Naval Medical Research Center in Bethesda. Foster, who was not involved in examining the diplomatic personnel, said that the reported illnesses remain mysterious and that he doesn’t have an explanation….“But it’s sure as heck not microwaves,” he added….University of Cincinnati neurologist Alberto J. Espay said, “Microwave weapons is the closest equivalent in science to fake news.”

Skin is a very sensitive detector of heat. In a simple undergraduate lab experiment the power of 25 milliwatt 5 gHz Gunn diode oscillator is measured with a thermocouple. No student can resist the temptation to briefly stick a finger in the beam. It’s warm. In the public reports of these attacks, there is no mention of warmth. Surely, in drill-down questioning, this would have been asked.

The lack of any experimental work is inexcusable. The research arm at Kirtland AFB was supposed to look at this, but we haven’t heard back.

  • A few sets duplicating the Havana residences would have provided insight into the propagation and directionality of  directed energy, EM or sonic.
  • From a propagation survey on these sets, the wavelengths can be inferred. From the wavelengths and locations within rooms of the sensations, the physical properties of  a directed energy beam can be inferred.
  • These properties must be consistent with depth of penetration into the skull. If they are, we have something resembling a solution.

Without, better to continue wondering, than repeat the error of Aristotle.







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