American Time of Troubles; Hero of Charlottesville; A Painting for Today

“You Title It”,  36″x48″, acrylic on canvas.(click the image to enlarge)

The Russian  “Time of Troubles” lasted 15 years. Let’s hope ours is shorter. It has already created one hero of equality, Heather Heyer. Let’s hope that one is enough.

The original name was “Fish Eye”,  in reference to the curved perspective, reminiscent of the camera lens by that name.

Other tags could  be “The Dogs of War”, or “Naked Lunch”. Apparently, someone was having a nice sidewalk lunch when this happened. I haven’t managed to track the guy down.

The fish evoked my sympathies, so I made her beautiful. This may be the first application of lipstick to a fish.

It has no hidden message, only a sense of discord. Give it your own purpose.


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