Russia’s Ukraine Provocation; Informed Speculation, an Apartment Bombing?

What follows is speculation informed by history, not current information.  This is the rare occasion when speculation could impede a plot. Because of time urgency, this is a preliminary, to be followed in more detail.

The centerpiece is a staged apartment bombing.

  • Corpses are sourced from the Russian prison system, to play the parts of deceased bomb squad personnel.
  • Inert or unfused bombs, portrayed as live and dangerous, are “discovered” in the basement(s) of an apartment building.
  • The occupants are evacuated.
  • A large cordon is set up around the building.
  • A bomb squad of actors responds, smuggling the corpses into the basement in heavy transit cases.
  • The actors are smuggled out in the transit cases.
  • A low order explosion mangles the corpses, now “heroes” who died trying to defuse the bomb.
  • This may be augmented by live actors just close enough for fake superficial wounds.
  • The event is documented in a form suitable for mass consumption.
  • Public outrage results in Russia, the only place where it counts.

Real, not fake apartment bombings, probably committed by Dagestanis, were exploited to jump-start the Second Chechen War.








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