Defacto Partition in Syria?

Reuters: “Putin says to keep cooperating with U.S.-led coalition over Syria” Quoting,

"We are talking about a designation of the territories against which we can conduct strikes, and where it is better to refrain from strikes, about the exchange of information on various issues, and the coordination of our actions on, so to speak, the battlefield," Putin said.

On bilateral cooperation with France, he said the aim was to "establish constructive work by our military specialists to avoid duplication and avoid strikes on those territories and groups which are themselves ready to fight terrorism."

This is consonant with the conclusion of Russia Offers to Help Syrian Rebels; U.S. Policy; Towards a Syrian Peace:

Perhaps limited tactical cooperation, formulated in tandem with mutually agreed territorial declarations, would be a good start towards a Syrian peace.

Putin’s statement, consonant with defacto partition, may be no more than  recognition of Turkish special interest in Turkoman tribal areas adjacent to Turkey’s border. Or it may be the nascence of a fluid principle. To the devoted open-sourcer, it is something to watch for.

Putin’s statement on the jet shoot-down differs  from  dire CNN hype (see “Spider causes man to trash flat” for the mental level),

"And we proceed from the position that there will be no repeat of this, otherwise we'll have no need of cooperation with anybody, any coalition, any country."

In the language of diplomacy, this is de-escalation. It  is consonant with the conclusion of the open source prediction of Turkey shoots down Russian warplane:

“But the open source prediction is that little more will come from this, other than the possible loss of a few more jets on each side, and redeployment of Patriot batteries to Turkey.”

And even that may be an exaggeration.


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